Friday, December 4, 2009

Well at least we can look on the bright side and say it shows that I've got photographic intentions! I know. Stupid pictures. Well they're for my French dictionary and dad told me they'd be a great aspect to my blog which gets aproximately six viewers so it really won't be able to go to far with gossip. And this post doesn't have a real topic so I might as well make one up right now.

Last week we took a car trip to Frejus. It wasn't a very nice town but the structure was beautiful. It was a mixture between Park Slope, Paris, Nice, and Aups. The structure had roots from Park Slope but almost exactly the same as Paris but when you looked at it from a far you could almost be sure that it was Aups. But the weather was fantastic like Nice.  J'ai une question. Have you ever been to a place similar to that?    

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