Monday, January 25, 2010

Knitting: June Twist and Corkscrew Twist

How to make a June Twist

For a June Twist the only things you need are a pair of any sized regular needles and some any sized yarn. I like to use varying sized yarn because it really gives your needlework a sort of boost.


To make a belt:


#1 Cast on 10 stitches.

#2 Knit until there are only two stitches left on the needle.

#3 Take off the 1st stitch of your 1st needle, throw your yarn over to the other side, and put the stitch back on your first needle. The yarn should be coming from your 1st needle now. I like to call this changing sides.

#4 Knit until you only have three stitches left and then change sides again.

#5 Repeat this procedure until there are five stitches left, change sides, and then knit until there aren’t any stitches left on your needle.

#6 Repeat that procedure until you have your desired length, and then bind-off. (See previous text to learn more about binding-off.)


To make a Scarf use the same procedure as a belt but instead cast on 20 stitches and wait until there are ten stitches left to knit them all back. The same procedure as the belt also goes for other things like straps, etc.







How to make a Corkscrew


To make a Corkscrew all you will need a pair of regular size six needles and size six yarn.


To make a belt:


#1 Cast on 10 stitches.

#2 knit off 2 stitches the change sides. (To learn more about changing sides see previous text.)

#3 this time knit off three stitches then change sides. Repeat procedure until there are only two stitches left on your first needle, then change sides and knit off all stitches.

#4 Repeat the previous procedure until desired length and the bind off. (To learn more about binding off see first text.)