Sunday, November 29, 2009

i love little guys?

You may have read my relatively new post. If you haven't you probably should. 

Remember Finn and Laura? Well were here for six days. Six days of chomping down one thing after another. And I think that's why when you meet Finn your first thought is whatever meals he's carrying on his clothing. Whenever he's in public he's always eating something.

Speaking of, today Abigail and I took a walk into town looking for candy, and being a Sunday the  only to find was the Ferme Petit Casino and some restaurant employees eating their profits. It's what they do in France during rainy Sunday afternoons. Same thing in in the burrow but usually there are still some stores open. In France you won't find a thing.

Once Abby found out about all this Ferme crud she threw a... well let's just say she was upset. And on the way home I wasn't much help. She told me to shut up but I only asked what I should shut up. And... well you probably have the big picture already. And you do not want to hear the rest. 

Yesterday we left Finn and Aunt Laura at a hotel in Nice. I'm not exactly sure which one. For if you want to live in Nice you know you'll be forced to live in a Hotel. That means there are too many hotels to keep track of. And for a fact Nice is the home to the fanciest hotel in the world.

I know this is a little off-the-topic but I recently wrote a letter to Senator Charles Schumer requesting the prices on recycled packaging and the products inside that their prices should be lowered. And that homeless people who use food stamps are only allowed to buy and eat products that come in recycled packaging. Dear Senator Schumer,


My name is Grace Lienhard and I am ten years old. I know that I may seem a bit young to say this, but I have a very important request involving food stamps. I also know that America is having some difficulties with food stamps because my father is a lawyer. I hear that when homeless or poor people’s food stamps should be working, sometimes the cashier says they are not. But I am sure that we are able to find a way around that. And I am sure we would with great ease.


This is an environmental situation. I am requesting two things. Number one is the prices being lowered on foods stored in recycled packaging: just enough so that they are slightly lower then the prices on the products sold in packaging that was never used before. I want that because re-used things do not have as much value as never- used ones. And that may seem like a bad deal, but recycled things work almost as well as freshly made ones. And I don’t know about the rest of the United States, but I think that recycled things work very well indeed.


Number two is that people who use food stamps should only allowed to buy and eat food that comes in recycled packages. I think that this environment is in great danger right now. And as you may have read before, I requested that recycled things should be cheaper. So now when packaging companies find out that homeless people and everyone else is buying recycled packaging, it’s only normal that they will want to make their packaging products out of recycled material.


You may have a few counter explanations for me, but I have good feedback for some of them.


First of all I believe that recycled products and newly made ones are at war right now. Eco-lovers like me are buying or would like to buy things in recycled packaging. But the newly made products are cheaper, which means that everyone else buys them instead. So I thought up this plan and made a way around that. As you may have seen in the text above that I request making recycled products and their packaging cheaper. And you may think that the cheaper things are the less those companies are going to want to make them cheaper. But bear in mind, who wants to buy the more expensive products anyway? So therefore, if recycled things are cheaper the companies that make them get more money. Because no one is going to buy the expensive things.


Second of all I know you are thinking at this very moment that I am far too young to make important laws like this one. And you are correct. But I was never making a law in the first place. I was only requesting it. And neither me nor my father (who is a lawyer) knows any law against that. I am sorry for bothering you about this if there is. But I am certain that there isn’t.


Third of all I forgot to tell you that my family and I are taking a sabbatical year in France. And if there is a problem with that I will accept that without any excuses. But I am certain that it would be fine with all of us if we have to spend a few months back home to make sure the job gets done properly if we’ve convinced you.


Fourth of all this is all fine with my parents. And I am not trying to be conceited, but I consider myself very independent and mature. Or if you put it in other words you could say I am a small adult except for the fact that I am not quite over the age of twenty. Or you could say eighteen if you consider that as the line where you are not a teen any longer. And I told you I was ten because I never tell lies except when needed. So you could say that you can count on me.






Grace Lienhard

 I only showed you this because I want a little help. I'm doing a fund raiser for recycling 
companies so that they can buy better cleaning supplies for the recyclables. As well as other things like fixing tools. And if any of the readers that are reading this blog could help out in any way that would be just great. It's O.K if you can't. 


  1. I know it's a little weird for me to post on my own blog but I forgot to tell you that if you have any way of helping me with the fund raiser you can use the comment box.

  2. I'd love to help, Grace, but might need some ideas from you as to what sort of help you'd like. Keep me posted; your blog is terrific!