Friday, December 4, 2009

google girl

Uuuuuuuum j'ai une question. When did any of us first discover the internet? Et une question un plus. Did we discover it because of just randomly clicking about expecting some magic technical fairy to appear on the screen and grant us three wishes? Or was it some kind of old gossip that some random little kid had just reset all of his parents' passwords and deleted all their work papers looking for the meaning of this unfamiliar one-dimensional open-close square with a multicolored screen? 

Well I know this sounds like pure nonsense but I discovered all this technological crud when my mother introduced me to the one and only website that would prevent me from jumping around her in peppy little circles asking her over and over again when the next block-party was. Doesn't surprise me it worked. It's a pretty darn addicting website. The kind that makes your parents say: "I never knew what help brain-cell killers could be to a pair of full-time job parents with a child who never knew what patience was!" And I quite agree. One's brain could be completely dead and still dying and never come out of that game-zone. 

Je voudrais plus de bon-bons. Par ordonnance du ... tout ce que vous appeler n'importe qui qui lit ceci doit me faire parvenir dix livres de bonbons un morceau. Et j'ai un secret public. Et ce secret, c'est que je suis l'aide de Google Translate pour l'ordre ca.

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