Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hiya! My names not Grace. whoever i am i like swiss cheez'. had a dream bou' kissin' a sheep wuns(+i liked it). MY NICKNAME IS GOOSE!!!!!!!!!! (don' wair it ou'. whu' goes roun' goes roun'.) i got a bear. 'is namez teddeh. his best friends are spots and getz. (dey sleep in 'de sam' bed.) I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i reed it all the time. if u haven't red it ('dis i 'yuh last 'wunin.)

my worst fear of all is my dream 'bou dat' Snape dude 'tellin' 'arry a suspishz joke da' made 'm laugh. (made me 'wanna spy on 'm.) 
if u want 2 know where i get my cheese (im cummin 2 git u.) but if u want a hint (nex' time u step on a crack yuh' mama's back is gon' break.) but if u want 2 know where u can spy on me 2 find out (den' yuh' bettah' 'av' sum goot plans o' wuh yuh' last wurdz'll be.) SO LAY OFF MY CHEESE MOZZARELLA THIEVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!