Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1 Geste Pour Haiti

Scroll down for a description of the Haiti Word-a-Thon Challenge.

Click HERE to link to a song about Haiti to get inspired to give what you can to Partners In Health! Thanks to Christine, my French teacher, for giving me this song.

I translated the words:

">1 Geste Pour Haiti English Translation


Act together for Haiti.

A small gesture, one little thing can change everything


But must we wait for an earthquake?

That opens up the earth? For our hearts can open too, to Haiti


In the name of god, the merciful,

Because the earth is odious here,

I don't have eyes for Haiti


Oh Haiti, why did you pay such a heavy price?

Although we are far, the pain is shared

(Michel Drucker)

How, amid this desolation remain insensitive eyes of children?

(Daan Junior)

Many people say that Haiti is cursed, it's not true.

(Thierry Cham)

Haiti, you are reborn of your ashes

(Alibi Montana)

Words mean nothing,

Before those existent on the earth, Haiti is my heart

Of you all, you (Haiti) we don't have

Everyone needs you.


Together, let us act for Haiti.

A small gesture, a mere nothing can change everything,

Let us sing and let us unite our prayers.

A melody of hope for this earth, let us act for Haiti, dear

(Jacky Brown)

Must we be the same country to get together?

Must we have to be the same color to feel concerned?

(Passi)We sing for Haiti's unity or time will stop

(Pit Baccardi)

Even irritated, all the same, Haiti has inherited our love

(Gage): It's for you, dear Haiti that we sing today!

(Ben J)

For the Haitian people (oh, oh, oh)

Action, support, a hope that we never abandon you

(Ophelie Winter)

Although it is so hard to believe that God has power over so many lives

(Lilian Thuram)

Hold on, do not despair

(Jennifer, Superbus)
They need us there, you, dark or pale

Open your eyes, open your heart, and be generous,

(Sonia Rolland)
We are all bound for Haiti

(Harry Roselmack)
Let's work together, Haiti is counting on us

Singuila & Lynnsha
Always together, together

(Cesaria Evora)
Solidarity for Haiti! You are worthy, yes!


(Noemie Lenoir)
Let's work together with the Ecumenical Council, save Haiti

(Perle Lama)
Like a spark among many others.
It is to ignite the flame of hope

We will help you to rebuild

(Sarah Riani)
It is up to us to move heaven and earth

(Mr Toma)
Heaven has its reasons that the earth can not explain.
We are all bound for Haiti

(Stomy Bugsy)

Haiti, you have trembled, but you are always dignified.

Show us the way again. Open the way.


Going forward, unity and willingness

(Grand Corps Malade)

For Haiti and its people, the countdown has begun

Everybody assmble together, at the height of solidarity

(Charles Aznavour)

God, who has made things bad for the martyrs

Your infants who are not well loved, who are sacrificed, who are orphans.

They cherish your name, venerate your churches. They don't have much.

At this time, they have nothing.


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