Monday, February 1, 2010

Book Review "The Mysterious Benedict Society"

Are You a Gifted Child Looking for Special Opportunities?”

As soon as young Reynard Muldoon, an orphan boy, sets his lonely eyes on those strange words, in the advertisements of a newspaper, he suddenly finds himself in the middle of a thrilling adventure full of puzzles, riddles, action, and mystery.

His mission is dangerous, but might also have been one of the best choices he’s ever made in his life. Before, he’d been orphan, but now, it seemed as though he’d never been an orphan before when he meets his good and true friends: Sticky, a runaway who’s got a mind like superglue and the disguised courage of a warrior; Kate, an optimistic acrobat orphan runaway who might seem too happy, but when the time calls for it you’ll never see anything but a grey frown upon her face; and Constance, who may seem crabbier than a crab, but has a heart as big as the sun that’s ready to break out from a secret safe inside her.

The one thing they all have in common (besides being brilliant) is that they all are in need of family. “Sticky was the only one to have a memory of family life. Was it worse for him, Reynie wondered, to have felt loved and then rejected? Or was it worse to have always felt alone?”

“The Mysterious Benedict Society” by Trenton Lee Stewart is about four children who go out on a dangerous secret mission after taking a test described in the newspapers.  A man named Ledroptha Curtain is transferring messages into people’s brains, and the mission of the Mysterious Benedict Society is to go off to a school stranded in the middle of an island and break the machine through which Ledroptha Curtain is transferring the messages. With a little help from their trusty companions Mr. Benedict, Number two, Milligan, and Rhonda Kazembe, they learn that the impossible is always possible when you’ve got a family.

This book isn’t much of an action-filled story. Yet at the same time, it is thrillingly wonderful! It’s like a brain quest through the whole book! And just at the very second you’re about to touch the answer to one of its mind-throwing riddles, it never makes you wait very long to figure out the small un-important riddles. Of which there are so many that when you close your book it’s literally like your mind has been thrown completely off the charts.  If you pay attention to family and friends, they’ll keep saying “Wow! You’re so much smarter now for some reason! How’d you figure that out so fast?” And the riddle answer to that is that “the answer lies at the inside of the back cover.” They’ll have to read the book to figure out the answer to that one!

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