Thursday, November 19, 2009


Okay, so let's keep track of how many visitors we've had here in France so far and how many of them said things like #1"How lucky are you all to live here in the Var for an entire year," and how many of them said things like #2"Out of all the cool fun and amazing things there are in France, why choose Aups?" And if I were to guess I think that all the visitors we've had in the previous month have chosen number one and none of the have chosen number two. And thank god it's true! I have absolutely no idea why we chose Aups! You would expect that these Aupians or whatever you call them might have a few questions for us! And surprisingly, so do I!

Speaking of, Grandma and Grandpa just arrived the other day with a huge story behind them. And as they were telling that story, I was staring off into space thinking "Wow I really wonder if the next visitors won't be so lucky. Let alone the cookie-loving four-year-old and his exhausted mommy that are supposed to be arriving tomorrow." (Otherwise known as cousin Finn and Aunt Laura.)

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